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Your Antidote to Social Media Algorithm Woes!

Unlocking the Potential of Your Email List

We get it..the dating pool can get outta haaand! Listen it's a bit rough out there some seasons.


But let's talk about these social media algorithms being out of really will have you feeling like you're trying to impress someone who's playing hard to get. While the whole time, you just KNOW your content is valuable! They don't always show your posts to your target audience/followers, now you're over there feeling ghosted like a bad date. Wheew! That's okay because we already have the solution to what we know you need to do.....bring on the Email Slasher.


We're going to start with combining our skills in email marketing, combined with a deep understanding of your business to craft compelling email copy, help build solid, genuine relationships with your email list, and from's time to work towards turning your emails into profit.

You've already started collecting emails to start building a email list, you have the following/customers, your ecommerce/digital product brand is consistently growing(it's over there in overflow mode actually) and you don't have time to sit and think of what to say in a email AND stay consistent, even though you know that you need to start like yesterday building and staying consistent with your relationships. I always stress that your audience falls in love with YOU first, and THEN your product. It's time to take your following from your social media community to your email list community without the worry of all the other social media platforms shutting out your products that your audience are waiting to see(but can't because of the algorithm) and limiting your revenue. 

We're the bridge in your current gap to help you have "that bond" with your customers/clients. Your goal is to connect deeply with with your audience outside of social media– it's like telling a captivating story on a first date(except you don't have the algorithm hiding who you REALLY are). You can finally just be you while turning emails into profit.

So let's chat – about your ecommerce/digital products and goals.  Your email list is one of your most  valuable asset as a consistently growing ecommerce/digital product business, and we're here to help you unlock its full potential.

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