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This ebook was created for succesful ambitious, faith-driven women entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to master email marketing and grow their business efficiently, so that they can finally get to their NEXT greatest season. 


  • Learn to expand and nurture your email list with tactics that attract genuinely interested subscribers
  • Dive into how to create compelling content that opens dialogue and builds lasting customer relationships.
  • Implement automation that saves time while keeping your communication personal and impactful.


Sis, it's time for you to streamline your email processes to focus more on what you love about your busines and utilize your growing email list to increase reach and  scale without proportional increases in your workload. 


Purchase this playbook now and start building an email list that truly drives your business forward!

The Email Slasher's Playbook to Email List Growth

  • All digital products once sent to the customer are non-refundable.

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